Интервью президента «Креативной дипломатии» Натальи Бурлиновой англоязычному журналу Fair Observer.

NATO Russia Relations: Interview with Natalia Burlinova

Gregor Konzack and Christian Franz interviewed Natalia Burlinova at the Munich Security Conference. She talks about the problems Russia has with NATO enlargement and the new Europe-based missile defense shield and the possibility of Russia joining the NATO one day.

Q – We are wondering if the new threats to global security which you wrote about in your PhD, such as terrorism, cyber security, or environmental degradation, create more commonalities between NATO and Russia.

A— I can say that relations between NATO and Russia are very difficult. Although we have already passed the spirit of the Cold War, we still have many disagreements. I would say we have a different perception of our world and of regional situations.

As for common global threats such as terrorism, we support our allies and we support our friends. President Putin was the first to call President Bush after the attacks of September 11. Russia has a lot of terrorist attacks and regional instability in some parts of our country. So we are familiar with this and we understand all the consequences of this threat, which we are facing all together today.

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